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Juno Internet
We got married in Napa on August 26th!!!
Click here for the highlight video (15 mins)

It's over! We hope everyone had an amazing time... Jason and I most certainly did! It's a day that I have been dreaming about for 30+ years.. and 'officially' planning for the past year. The wedding is a dream come true for us. Thank all of you for coming.. and especially those who got on the dance floor with me for Club Cheryl! :-)

We won't be getting the photographer's pictures for quite some time.. but I know there were lots of other cameras around! I'll be getting my dad's pictures before we leave for Bora Bora... so I'll be back to post a couple of pics, and you can be sure that I'll get them up on the website for your viewing pleasure. But for all of you with pictures... can I ask that you please, please, please, please, PLEASE upload them to an online photo site (I don't care which one.. ofoto, shutterfly, snapfish, photoworks... I use them all) - and then share the album with me - you can email either me or Jason. Thanks so much.. and stay tuned...

Meanwhile... I'd love to hear from all of you in my blog... just add your comments - please share any funny stories that you may have had from the wedding weekend... let us know what you enjoyed most... did you all have a good time? :-) Click here to access the blog.

- Cheryl and Jason

Two Minute Wedding Snippet