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All Things Cool... brought to you by the Bride and Groom!

Jason is a bit of a gadget geek.. and I'm a bit of an Internet geek.. so we thought we'd share a few of the things we love and find "really cool."

One of the first of my favorite things is the Slingbox. It's a little box that hooks up to your TV - an allows you to access it from your computer across an Internet connection. We have a TIVO, so we can also access record shows.. or schedule a show to be recorded.. from anywhere with a computer and Internet access - watch TV and catch up on shows from the airport, while abroad in a different country, or um, even at work! Jason found out he was appearing on CNBC one morning.. and I was able to Slingbox in to his TV to watch him live from work. I don't have HBO, but was able to Slingbox into Jason's TV to watch the season finale of Six Feet Under from my place. The picture isn't great.. in fact, sometimes pretty choppy, but good enough for me. It's really a neat product - I love this thing and highly recommend it to all of you - just $248.88 at J&R - and no tax if shipping outside of NY.

Apple Nano

I bought a Creative Zen Micro mp3 player for Jason last Christmas. I have an iPod.. I love the iPod.. but he thought he'd be "cooler" with the Creative Zen... 'cuz everyone has the iPod. So what's a good girlfriend to do...? I got him what he wanted. A few months later, he was having so many problems with it, that he asked me if I would be mad if he dumped it and got an iPod mini. Gr! So the good girlfriend thing to do was to replace it for him - and I got him a silver mini. I love the fact that I could get the mini personalized by buying at Apple.com. I should have had it personalized with - "I told you so!" - but I didn't. :-)

Of course, now the nano is out... he wants one.. I want one...! Ah.. why do we ever buy things.. a few months later, something better and cooler always comes out. Well.. I just got him a nano, to thank him for the Maui trip.. and for proposing! :-) I put our website and the date of our wedding on the back - JasonLovesCheryl.com - August 26, 2006. If you're buying an iPod as a gift - you have to get it from Apple.com and get it personalized.. it's free.. and shipping is free too! It really adds a nice touch, and there are so many possibilities and creative messages. There was an iPod that was personalized with the message "Sorry I wrecked your car dude!" - how cute. If you're looking to buy an iPod - get it personalized and get it from Apple.com.

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