Before little Audrey was born, we listened to her heartbeat and cherished each ultrasound picture of her. We also had 3D/4D ultrasound pictures taken at 28 weeks, so we could see how she was doing inside Mommy's tummy. She was a very active little girl - she always had her feet and hands near her face - and still does!

  • Baby at 28 Weeks
    Still 3 more months to go.. for now, I'm enjoying being inside mommy's tummy!
  • Our First 3D/4D Ultrasound Photo!
  • Does She Look More Like Mommy or Daddy?
  • Is This a Smile?
  • Baby Tsai's profile... I think those are Daddy's cheeks!
  • We think she's sucking on her toes...!
  • She's Apparently a Very Active Little Baby... and Mommy Feels It!
  • It's Getting Pretty Cramped Here in Mommy's Tummy!
  • And a little yawn from Baby Tsai.. I'm sleepy!
  • Bye-bye for now... we'll see you late July/early August!
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